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Willkommen in der neuen Community. Auf dieser Seite findest du alle Informationen die du brauchst, um deiner Simson eine ganz persönliche Note zu verleihen. Dabei helfen dir nicht nur die sehr ausführlichen Tutorials, sondern auch all die anderen Simson-Fahrer, die sich entschieden haben, Euch und dieser Seite Ihr Wissen zur Verfügung zu stellen. Zudem bieten wir Dir über dieses Informationsportal die Möglichkeit, dich näher vorzustellen, Bilder deines Mopeds zu zeigen, Erfahrungsberichte auszutauschen u.v.m. Wir hoffen, das dir diese Seite weiterhilft und würden uns über deine Mitarbeit freuen um anderen Anfänger einen möglichst einfachen Einstieg zu ermöglichen.

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Smokers Accustomed to looking at thousands of people smoking, suffer a lot after smoking. Although I was addicted to smoking Newport cigarettes, but I eventually put cigarette rowed their smoke was originally a kind of hobby what I say, wholesale cigarettes there is always embarrassed. But smoke is Newport Short Cigarettes smoke, no matter who, as long as you smoke heavy, you will be addicted to, on the addiction can not be separated from the - smoke, after all, smoking is not a good thing! To spend money to buy cigarettes, consumption, solution of addiction, but its biggest disadvantage is harmful to your health. I grew up that smoking is covered with tobacco tar taste, smell makes people uncomfortable. When talking with a mouthful of smoke, let a person dare not newport 100s and he is near; if a couple of lovers, even kiss a mouth which will feel sick! If in public, such as meeting rooms, banks, railway stations and other places, everywhere filled with do not smoke, smoking will be fineand other words, which is afraid of others smoking a second-hand smoke to hurt the body. Therefore, the Board "YTDFSGFGCUEYAB" shall not have smoke in good taste! For smokers themselves, smoking for a long time, bring your teeth yellow, phlegm, this is the most simple phenomenon. Whats more, it will hurt the respiratory system, mild spit cough, severe asthma, breathing short, and let cigarettes for sale you get a emphysema and lung cancer. Those results can be imagined. So, quit smoking became a big event. But quit smoking is not an easy thing, often mentioned the matter, so many people smoke at the smoke helplessly! Is like a drug, knowing that it is harmful, once they never suffer a lot, there cheapusacigs.com are still so many people in droves. Smokers also know that smoking has brought a lot of harm, always thinking about quitting smoking. Some people on a whim, publicly announced: I want to quit smoking but others will give you a cigarette. Before you quit a long time, you will smoke more heavy than before -- because others give you cigarettes for free. You will not to give up smoking. Smokers will not give you the cigarettes. When you realize the original, smoking is not a joke. Maybe after a period of time, you really want to quit smoking, you need a great determination. If someone gives you a cigarette, you also need to find a suitable reason, you need to refuse, because you need to give them cigarettes next time. Many people quit smoking just using their mouth, but never come to reality. I see someone smoking, greedy to straight pharynx spittle, heart like a cat scratch like uncomfortable, together with the people of the enthusiasm, hand involuntarily took up the family after respect smoke, after smoke a few mouth, solution to the foot of the smokers, but also self comfort: I cannot smoke. It is also called a man? Some people quit several times, but they never successfully, they lose their confidence and also harm to their body.

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