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Learn to refuse the cigarettes Nowadays, with the promotion of "smoking is harmful to health", more and more people quit smoking. If you give up smoking, you will cherish life and keep pace with the times. But in your side, there may be a lot of people dont know you had quit smoking. When you eat and chat with these people, they will naturally give you a cigarette. If someone is jealous of your courage to quit smoking, they will do everything possible to persuade you, I hope you will tempt you to relapse again. In the face of Newport Short Cigarettes these temptations, your heart may still have some impulse to want to smoke. In this situation, if there is who moved out cheapusacigs.com of the no smoking is not for such as we face rhetoric, pay attention to etiquette you may will defeated, and smoking again. So, I remind everyone to quit smoking once again: learn how to refuse the cigarettes. First, to be straightforward. Whether it is in any place, when someone give you a cigarette, best method is straightforward to tell each other: I have been quitting smoking. Under normal circumstances, when you say such a reason, the vast majority of people will understand, no longer entangled in you. If you think this sentence sounds a bit rigid, but also can be replaced by thank you, I have quit, so that the confidence to quit smoking more determined. If others give you a cigarette, find all the vague reasons, they also can feel bored, one not careful, it is easy to the others the way. Second, to strengthen the will. Facing the cigarettes of acquaintances, friends, classmates, be straightforward and explain the reasons, strong willed, declined, and not hinder and embarrassed or temptation, quit commitment, re smoking addiction. Practice has proved that smokers can do this, it is certain to be able to quit smoking successfully . Third, advertised. In order to reduce cigarettes for sale others give you a cigarette, you can use micro letter, QQ, SMS and other way and release the news about me to give up smoking to your acquaintances, friends, colleagues, classmates, let everyone know henceforth, you are no longer a smoker. In this way, party dinner chat, also wont appear to you to smoke phenomenon. Fourth, to stay away from smoking groups. For smokers from smoking group newport 100s wholesale cigarettes is the effective way to "YTDFSGFGCUEYAB" reduce the risk of other people. Some people think, far away from the smoking group to reduce interpersonal communication, affect the relationship between colleagues, friends. In fact, this is unfounded concerns. As long as there is a sincere, sincere friendship between friends, colleagues, they will never change because we meet, smoke less. All in all, smoking is harmful to health, and smoking cessation is to protect our health. For smokers, it is necessary to learn to refuse others cigarettes, but also to quit on their own successful experience to guide people around to join the ranks of the smoking cessation. If we can achieve the purpose and effect of this, you are a successful smoker under control.

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