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Willkommen in der neuen Community. Auf dieser Seite findest du alle Informationen die du brauchst, um deiner Simson eine ganz persönliche Note zu verleihen. Dabei helfen dir nicht nur die sehr ausführlichen Tutorials, sondern auch all die anderen Simson-Fahrer, die sich entschieden haben, Euch und dieser Seite Ihr Wissen zur Verfügung zu stellen. Zudem bieten wir Dir über dieses Informationsportal die Möglichkeit, dich näher vorzustellen, Bilder deines Mopeds zu zeigen, Erfahrungsberichte auszutauschen u.v.m. Wir hoffen, das dir diese Seite weiterhilft und würden uns über deine Mitarbeit freuen um anderen Anfänger einen möglichst einfachen Einstieg zu ermöglichen.


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For those who rolled an Assassin or Blade Master

Which one did you enjoy more? I'm having a hard time deciding, seems like Assassin does better DPS but a Blade Master has better Cheap Blade And Soul Gold survivability than the Assassin does. I remember seeing one guy say his Assassin could drop anything in 4 to 5 seconds at the higher level and somethings died under 4 seconds, though the ability to block attacks is nice. 
I know Blade Masters get nice combos toward the mid and late game but Assassins get DOT(Damage over time) skills which is pretty nice plus stealthing is nice as well. I also figured Assassins have the highest base crit chance/crit damage in the game compared to other classes, I just figured in most MMORPG's the rogue/thief/assassin/ninja, etc. class usually has the highest crit chance or focuses on crit damage. 
I'm kinda in the same boat...I did Blade master during beta and really, really enjoyed it. But I rolled assassin on a whim and Buy Blade And Soul Gold got really into it during the head start. From my perspective its more a matter of personal style and preference...
Blade Master's got alot more...consistency? I guess, they're kinda the everyman class where they can do alot, but are good or bad at anything. Hits hard, good/easy combos to make use of, all in all quite fun.  Only made it to the early 20's during beta, but it's my second character created atm and I do plan to play it through to see how the mid/late game works.
Assassin...well, most of the skill set are dick moves, and the rest are big-hitter followups to the preceding dick moves, and its just fun as hell for some reason. I've heard they don't do well with surprises though, and tend to be a more methodical class due to how alot of their skills function. Still pretty early with it so I'm still learning the ins and outs of their playstyle....but I've always had a love for stealthy classes, and expect them to be somewhat glass cannon-ish.

am January 20 at 7:06am

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