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Disconnected From Server in Blade & Soul

So I've managed to solve this problem for me, to an extent, but idk if it'll help.
Turns out my graphics were just too high and loading was too hard so i DC'd whenever i went into a different area.
Dunno if this will help you guys out but its worth a shot to see if it'll help. As for the people
logging in with the problem... i dont remember if theres a place to change options in the startup menu so I can't help with that :c
I just exited a game after having a black screen for Cheap Blade And Soul Gold. I bet if I waited long enough I would too have received a disconnect message.
Upon opening  the Control Panel to close the application I noticed that it was running a little high: 1,800,000K Memory. I had just pressed escape on a Cutscene (mission: Mission 4: The Bamboo Blossom), the part where the daughter walks in the hut right after you receive your initial Hungmoon weapon.
I understand my issue may be partially different than yours, but it may bear relevance so I thought I would post it here rather than opening a new thread.
I edited this to say: I was in the EU server when this happened.
I come back with good news! After waiting almost twelve hours to try again, I managed to get into the Bandits Hideout, and am now level 10!
But here's the bad news: The game doesn't want me leaving Everdusk still. It gets to 90-95% loaded, then starts leaking like crazy. It attempted to load some more, but closed itself again.
I heavily considered buying a Founder's Pack upon the Bandit's Hideout finally working, but now I'm having the same issue again with Blade & Soul Gold. I hope this problem gets fixed, and soon. If not for those of us who got invited for this weekend, then for everyone else having this issue...

am January 6 at 3:15am

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