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Ls A Legendary In The History Of Henry

Cheap Fifa 15 Coins Henry is considered the greatest center Premiership era

Announced that it will join the Sky Sports commentary team early in 2015, the Frenchman brilliant career ended. "Triple Tap" is considered one of the greatest strikers since the Premier League was founded.

Prior to the UK

It is well known that he bought Arsenal Wenger, Henry was guided onto the great road. May recall Henry's career: from his Monaco debut, when he was manager Arsene Wenger gave him the chance to break at the French. Tigana that support the 1996-97 season championship team, he played 36 times, firmly installed in the main. In 1998, he has grown into France's top striker, climb the World Cup, then joined Juventus Buy Cheap Fifa 15 Coins.

1999 for Juventus effect. While Juve career is considered a failure ended, but Henry still valued the experience. "Some things, I have to clarify that." In an interview with the French "442" interview, said, "First of all, when I joined Juventus already (1999) in January, which explains why I'm playing much."

"The rest of the 16 Serie A season, I have played, including 13 games as a starter. To the last five or six, I have found the right corner. Anyway, adapt Juve system does make me spent a lot of effort, because when we are playing 3-5-2, this formation I had really no contact, but I quickly adapted and began to play better. I left Juve because another reason, however, I thought listen to these past sweeping insider. "

Leading to great

Needless to say, came to England after Henry, Wenger moved to his position. Although this new crop failure in signing for Arsenal's first eight appearances, but his impact on the team is still characterized by subtle. So difficult to understand, when Henry finally beat Southampton 1-0 game pierce the windows of paper, the reaction of his teammates Keown is so big.

Marchionne told the "Daily Mail": "When he finally scored the first goal, I said to him, 'Hey, so in the future I have grandchildren, I have to tell him I told you fought alongside' When he entered the penalty area. audience attention will be big kill. Once he realized that he had the ability to horses single gun out of encirclement, he will certainly be terrified enemy England wind spirit! "

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