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Best Graphic Design Laptop from Lenovo

Ultrabook, a new class of notebooks that Intel introduced at the end of last year seems very attracted the attention of users of mobile devices. How not, we often get questions about ultrabook and users began to switch to this device. The form is simple, thin, light weight, good performance and some other advantages, make Ultrabook become the new idol of the users of mobile devices. Lenovo does not want to miss to play in the genre ultrabook. It can be seen from the ranks of the latest Ultrabook Lenovo's IdeaPad series, S510P, which comes with a 13" screen, and the U410, with a 14" screen. This time we will invite you to look beyond one of the Lenovo product, IdeaPad S510P, which is present in our test lab.
This Ultrabook uses a solid aluminum casing with several colors like Sapphire Blue, Aqua Blue, Cherry Blossom Pink, Graphite Gray and Metallic Red on the cover of its LCD screen that measures 13". The chassis uses a unibody design and feels very sturdy when we handheld. It seems like Lenovo did some improvements on the chassis compared to the initial batch. Good work, Lenovo. The dimensions of this ultrabook is quite comfortable to carry for traveling with dimensions that are not too big and equipped with a 13 "screen that is still comfortable to use. Weighing is also still not burden you. Unfortunately Lenovo IdeaPad S510P is not too thin in comparison to its competitors, but still below the limit thickness requested by Intel to make ultrabook.
The inside of Lenovo IdeaPad S510P using white color so you must be diligent cleaning to avoid the dirty part of the dust and other dirt. The keyboard is used by Lenovo IdeaPad S510P Lenovo uses a typical design they call the AcuPad. We must recognize that the keyboard is mounted on Lenovo IdeaPad S510P feels very comfortable and ergonomic with large keys and feels soft when in use. The touch pad is also given large so that your hands can move freely when doing multi-touch movement.
Lenovo IdeaPad S510P uses a glossy screen. It will be a bit annoying when used outdoors or a room with a light that is too bright. However, you can minimize this by raising the brightness level of the screen. While, for the view angle, the screen ultrabook is quite good because the screen does not change color gradation excessive when viewed from the left and right. The new screen will change color gradation when you see it from above.
For completeness, Lenovo IdeaPad S510P provides a fairly complete port with the presence of USB 3.0. If you are not satisfied and require a port other than the one supplied, Lenovo provides several additional modules that can be purchased separately. Lenovo IdeaPad S510P does not include an optical drive, but I think it's reasonable considering the device is increasingly rarely used today. However, if you still need it, you can still buy them separately and bring it when needed. Although the use of ultra low voltage processors, does not mean that this ultrabook has a less than adequate performance. 
You can see that the 3rd generation ULV processor is very powerful and the ability to be able to approach the Intel Core i7 2nd generation. With these results, you can run applications smoothly in the upper middle of this ultrabook. Ultrabook class does have its own charm. In addition to its compact dimensions, ultrabook also remains powered to perform a variety of jobs. Likewise, this Lenovo product, IdeaPad S510P, which is an ultrabook that could be a good option, especially when viewed in terms of dimensions and weight are very supportive of mobility coupled with a solid casing. ULV processor usage still make this ultrabook powered and also has a high battery life. The keyboard also has offered high ergonomic with wide keys size. On price, you will surely be surprised, Lenovo IdeaPad The offer starts at $500 for the specification that uses an Intel Core i3 3rd generation! Not affordable enough for the class ultrabook?
Source content: versuslaptop.com

am August 2 at 7:38pm

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