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Things That Need To Change In FIFA 16

Going to be mentioning the changes I'd like to see in the game modes I play.
First off I don't play ultimate team,I think the more prominent it has become the worse FIFA has become as an overall game and less focus is put on other game modes (which better players play).
•There hasn't been much change in this game mode over the years but it does have big problems. fut16coin have played over 150 games and have a very good record but every person I play is from France or Italy,not near where I'm from. This the odd time leads to a very laggy game. Don’t know why it's so impossible to be matched to players where I'm from,matchmaking is one of the glaring problems with Seasons
•Madrid are a ridiculous team and every person who goes them plays exactly the same way. The main way they're played with is the opposition player not letting their pressure button breathe,switch the ball to both wings a lot,Ronaldo and Bale up top followed by a lot of over the top balls and if that doesn't work just cross it to both of them. They have put me off playing with five star teams as even with the likes of Barca they other player can win the game just with a few over the top balls to Ronaldo. Tone them down please.
•There should be a country leaderboard as it's virtually impossible to get on the top 100 unless if you've played a lot of games
Mainly only uses Seasons when I get bored off other modes,but it's still enjoyable and can be improved a lot.
•This is my favourite game mode and unfortunately EA are neglecting it and leaving it to rot.I think it's the best game mode and that's not being capitalised upon.
•There is so much things wrong with it and there's also a lot of things which need to be added so I won't mention everything.
•I would like to see things brought back which made clubs great especially around FIFA 10/11.The first thing is the pro leaderboards. I used to love playing to try and get in the top 100 and if you did it was easy getting a club in the lobbies (which aren't here anymore) when your main one wasn't on or getting noticed by top team,but no now they are ruined and it's based around how many games you've played and not around more important things like goal/game ratio and avg match rating.The old style club leaderboard need to be brought back,they were great but once again EA destroyed it and they now seem rather pointless. Any old club can get in there no matter if your records good or not. Should bring back the old points system and tweak it a little bit
•Another thing I used to love that was on FIFA 10 was on the main screen where it should the top scorer and assister etc for the club. Thought that was great and I'd make people not hop around to every club in existence.
•Also used to love playing with my pro in career mode,thought it made people play that mode more while also being able to get up their pro. But once again this was ruined as EA were unable to stop pro glitches coming out,embarrassing that they weren't able to stop it and had to resort to making the pro exclusively for online.
•The new things I want added have already been mentioned a 100 times on so there's no point in repeating them. Think this is EA’s last chance with this game mode or players  will begin to come even more frustrated. I feel it is the mode that has suffered the most due to the popularity of ultimate team. It has progressively got worse
There are some things similar to every game mode that should be changed. The ability to just tip off and run through a team is arguably the most unrealistic thing on the game and it's another embarrassing flaw that EA has failed to addressed since the game came out. Through balls to split a defence down the middle are virtually have non existent. It doesn't matter if you have 96 short passing,your ball WILL be over shot and run through to the keeper. Want to stop people abusing over the top balls? Simple,fix through balls.
I would also like Match Lobbies and Online Team Play to come back. Many of you probably didn't play online team play but it was cool if you could play 4v4 or 5v5 with your friends without having to be in the same room. There were also many websites which revolved around team play and up to FIFA 13 it was the game mode I got most enjoyment out of,especially if you played it on a website then it was great fun. Match lobbies were a good way to find a club if you were the only one on and bored and of playing people who were above or below the same rating as you division wise.
Haven't really mentioned career mode but I would like to buy Fut 16 coins when I'm bored of offline but there are many many faults with it,as people all over the forums have mentioned.
If half the stuff I brought up were in FIFA 16 I would gladly pay whatever for it but every year it's staring to lose its appeal to me.

am June 29 at 3:30am

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